Don’t like what you see? Simply change it.

Is does not happen very often that I literally sit in front of the computer with my eyes wide open in amazement and feeling completly speechless by what I see – but it did happen last night when I found the link to that video.

Researches from the Technical University of Ilmenau (Germany) developed a new technique called diminished reality-system, with which you can remove any unpleasant things in your view – like that ugly polar in front of your door or the old stickers on your desk. The only thing you need is a computer with a webcam. Then simply circle the object you want to disappear, click – and it`s gone! And this happens all live – during the filming! (But you got to be beware of mirrors – did you spot the little mistake in the video above?)

The researchers believe, that thanks to the growing computing performance of smartphones, this application could in a few years even be available for our mobile phones. Although I can`t really imagine when I would use this application (removing all “ugly cars” from your view could end in a rather painfull experience of realising that they only disappear from your screen, not from the street you`re just walking on), the fact that it only takes one click to remove any thing from your view absolutely faszinates me. Just imagine sitting in a room full of – well, let`s say, not your favouritve persons – take a look on your tablet or smartphone and simply remove them from your screen. If someone now also invents a tool with which you can remove the sound, I`m perfectly happy.

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2 Responses to Don’t like what you see? Simply change it.

  1. That is superb. Terrifying, really, that the truth can be distorted in real time (lying is now as easy as blurring the facts). But definitely useful for some of our filming when we may inadvertantly pick up images of people walking through the back of shots when we didn’t want them to be there!


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