Guys, watch your testicles when you use a laptop

Ok boys, you need to be very strong now before reading on: Using your favourite toy on your lap (I’m talking about your laptop – not what you’re thinking about…) can literally boil your testicles. A study recently published in the journal Fertility and Sterility shows, that using your laptop – as the name suggests – on your lap, the warmth of it can heat up the gonads producing the seminal filaments, also called “scrotal hyperthermia”.

someone is playing minesweeper

If you like playing MineSweeper in the tube, you might think about switching to a heat-neutral activity. © Anka Lindemann

Just 10 to 15 minutes can be enough to heat up your  sperm fabric so much, that it can have a negative effect on the quality of your little friends. Even when the researchers don’t say that you will definitely become infertile through this, you should be careful with using your laptop in this way and give your testicles enough time to cool down. Otherwise, unpleasant long-term effects can not be precluded.

If you can not avoid working with your notebook on our lap, you should at least sit down with your legs a little akimbo – this way, you can use your computer for about 20 minutes longer before your testicles begin to “boil”.

Somehow, reading an old-fashioned book  in the tube instead of playing MineSweeper seems to become more and more attractive…

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